A play about science, possibility and honey.


“But if everything I’m already gonna do already exists, then what’s the point?”

In a chance encounter at a BBQ, Marianne and Roland meet.

At the same BBQ, they don’t.


“The play was an emotional rollercoaster, I found myself laughing one moment, and brought to tears the next. In fact, on all levels, I was impressed by Squabbling House’s premier production. Ambitious, energetic and gloriously entertaining, Constellations is a promising start for this young company. I very much look forward to seeing it again when they tour, later on this year. Five stars!”

The Yorker




‘The simple question you need to ask yourself is whether it is worth your time and money, and this 100% is – you must watch it. A fantastic idea anchored by two heartbreaking, funny and layered performances. Theatre at its very best… honest and human’

Edward Ray, Stage




“Constellations is a stunningly directed and performed production, which has the audience moved in seconds from laughter to being on the verge of tears. It is an intensely human play, with scenes exploring both the deep complexities and awkward and amusing moments of life and love…. a charming and promising debut play from Squabbling House Theatre Company.”

Unknown Magazine




The stars of the show

John Headshot
John Chisham: Roland



Hattie Headshot
Hattie Patten Chatfield: Marianne


The brains behind the operation


Hannah Eggleton: Producer

Thomas Leadbeater: Director

Amy Noriko Ward: Assistant Director and Sound Designer

Robbie Nestor: Dramaturg

Miranda Lowe: Assistant Producer and Stage Manager

Megan Bailey: Set, Lighting and Costume Designer


A word from our Directors



A chat with the Cast



 Rehearsal Shots