‘I limit myself to a quick look every two hours at first. But this soon becomes one long look that lasts the whole day. And soon, though I don’t know who or where she is, I feel closer to her than I ever felt to any other living soul.’ 


Brought together by a voyeuristic relationship that teeters on the verge of stalking, introverted Sophie and eccentric Esther relive the story of how they met. ‘Funny, playful and affecting’ (The New York Times), Blink poses direct questions as to how we achieve intimacy in an ever more isolated society.




‘It’s a real gem of a play that tackles some interesting questions in an intelligent way, and leaves you appreciating how hard it is to find real love in a virtual world, especially if you’re LGBT, an introvert, an eccentric, or even all three.’

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‘A sweet, poignant little story, never trying to be more than it claims. This show will break your heart like your elementary school girlfriend did, and you’ll love every minute of it. The actors have a firm grasp on their characters, and fill out the world they create brilliantly. It left me giggling, and more than a little weepy. See it if you get the chance, you won’t regret it.’

Sophia Massidda



Liddie Headshot
Liddie Harper (Sophie)

Hi, my name is Liddie. I’ve always loved acting, meaning I was in some very questionable roles when I was younger. Playing a Hare Krishna in a production of Chess when I was 10 is definitely up there. Interesting facts include my mum’s second cousin being Jake from The Tweenies (I know right, legends only) and I went to the open auditions for Star Wars in 2013. Unfortunately J.J Abrams and I had artistic differences (or I slept in and got turned away). So I guess you’re welcome Daisy Ridley.

Angel Headshot

Hi, I’m Angel. I’m so excited to be a part of Squabbling House’s production of Blink! I love acting and fondly remember my onstage debut as ‘moustached policeman #2’ in Oliver, age 12. Shortly after, I played Charlie Chaplin in a short film I wrote/directed for a history project… I too am noticing a typecasting of moustached men. However I have since appeared in Northern Stage’s production of A Song for Ella Grey (2017). I also graduated from BFI Scriptwriting Academy in 2015 and since being at Uni have had two original plays staged in York’s Drama Barn, one of which I co-starred in. Interesting fact? My goal in life up until the age of thirteen was to be Mrs Lovett – to the extent that I would walk around in Mrs Lovett hairdos and transform our living room into a meat-pie parlour… I imagine my parents are glad that I’ve renounced this ambition. I still love Sweeney Todd though and could probably sing you the entire musical – whether you’d like me to or not is another matter entirely…



Thomas Leadbeater: Producer

Amy Noriko Ward: Director

Robbie Nestor: Assistant Director

Hannah Eggleton: Dramaturg

Nicholas Newman: Sound Designer

Megan Bailey: Set, Lighting and Costume Designer


Rehearsal Shots