The Squabblers


With a focus on contemporary plays and new writing, Squabbling House Theatre was founded in 2017 with a mind to produce fresh, dynamic and challenging work in an intimate setting.


Miranda Lowe: Chair

Miranda is miraculously calm in the most heart-wrenching situations. She oversees all and is the glue that the keeps us  together.

Hannah Eggleton: Secretary

Hannah is the one with all the calendars, itineraries, spreadsheets, agendas and highlighter pens. She keeps us on track and in line.

Thomas Leadbeater: Treasurer

Thomas likes Game of Thrones too much and requested he be referred to as The Master of Coin. Our very own Littlefinger ensures we don’t go bankrupt, a task the rest of us think is rather important.

Megan Bailey: Marketing Manager

Megan gets to choose which photos are insta-worthy, what mildly amusing things to write in everyone’s bios and has only just got to grips with how twitter works.

Amy Noriko Ward: New Writing Manager

Also known as the Keeper of Scrolls. Amy is in charge of making sure one of us wins the Bruntwood prize in the next 5 years.

Robbie Nestor: Literary Manager

Robbie’s aim in life is to be a walking library: he reads tonnes of plays to find contenders for our future projects. He is also our resident grammar nazi and most trusted proofreader.

Alex Urquhart: Associate Member

Alex is a very busy man as University of York Student Union President, but we like to keep him around. He is our fresh pair of eyes whenever we need them.



Theatre (17 of 24)