Directing a Show on Tour – What am I supposed to do now?

Preparations for our debut tour are now well under way, and I find myself without a job – strange given how integral (some have said invaluable) I was to the original process.

I ended my last blog by saying:


“If I’ve done my job well, the coming weeks should be easy”

(Me, Thomas Leadbeater, the extremely quotable Director of Constellations, Sept. 2017)


And, based on the reviews and audience responses, it does seem I did my job well:


“Constellations is a stunningly directed and performed production”

(Unknown Magazine, 2017)


It seemed that, due to my aforementioned excellence in the original process, my task was really easy:

I just had to make sure that the others didn’t destroy my legacy.

Firstly, I had to make sure that the actors hadn’t forgotten everything. Having spent 4 months away, I’d expect them to have to work through at least parts of the script again. Comedic beats especially are the first to suffer from time away, and it usually requires a few rehearsals to get them back.

Anyway, it turns out that the actors hadn’t forgotten anything really, so clearly I made an excellent choice in casting them.

Secondly, a range of venues means a range of available space and tech. I had to make sure the show was adapted to meet the needs of each venue, but wasn’t too different that the actors were learning an entirely new show every time.   

Given the enormity of this task, I made the intelligent leadership decision to check in with the production team. Collaboration and communication are hallmarks of a good leader.

Anyway, it turns out that the team already had it sorted… which was great to see.

Their professionalism, which I can only assume that they learnt from me, is always impressive and it was good to see my leadership continuing to inspire them.

Finally, I checked in with my producer, organising such a tour is a massive undertaking and I…

I wanted to see if she needed my help.

She had it sorted.

All good there.

Fantastic work, everyone.

I suppose, one could argue, perhaps, that, maybe, all things considered… I’m really not… needed… anymore.


That’s ok.

I’m ok.

If this is to be my last input into this production, I want to thank my fellow Squabblers who in all aspects were incredible, are incredible, and will continue to be incredible in preparing for, and executing, the tour.

Also, thank you to the actors, who in the original run made the show their own. Thank you for their dedication and enthusiasm that made the show far greater than I could have possibly envisaged during rehearsals.

Finally, a collective thank you to the cast and crew. I have no doubt that their talent and commitment will be an asset for the show as it embarks – wait I have a car!

Don’t miss my 5 star rated production of Constellations, “stunningly” driven to and from by me, Thomas Leadbeater, as it tours Yorkshire this coming March!

Tickets are available now!

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