Constructing the Multiverse

Set design quickly became my favourite thing to do over the course of my degree. Watching the first seed of an idea develop through drawings, to a little scale model and then into a real 3D creation that fills a space and defines its logics and atmosphere is something that I don’t ever think I’ll ever be less stunned by. The moment it all clicks for me is the moment I see my design lit up beautifully by the talented lighting designers I’ve been lucky enough to work with.


For Constellations though, I am my own lighting designer, and costume designer too. It’s slightly (incredibly) daunting but also seriously exciting to be responsible for all the pretty things you’ll see on stage.

Apart from Hattie and John, obviously. I can’t take credit for those beauties.

This week, from Squabbling House Theatre’s workshop (my bedroom floor), I’ve started to piece together the elements that will make up the world, or worlds Marianne and Roland find themselves in..

Here’s a little taste of what you can expect! (if all goes well)

White Card

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