Talking Bees

This week some of the company met with Debbie Maxwell, a lecturer in design and interactive media at the university. Debbie is the Principal Investigator of a project called Telling the Bees, which aims to develop and promote understanding and new ways of thinking about bees and beekeeping through design, drama, and digital making. Debbie gave us a look inside the structure of a beehive and also gave us some great advice and information about beekeeping!

John, who plays Roland, (beekeeper and bee enthusiast), found the experience particularly useful.

“The meeting with Debbie was both informative and fascinating. We were told loads of really cool facts about bees and even got to eat some pollen! (It tasted like cereal!) It has helped me further my understanding of the character, as I now know why Roland is so obsessed with bees- it’s because they’re awesome! It was a real buzz.”

Terrible puns aside, our meeting with Debbie gave us some really useful insights into the world of one of our characters. It was great to meet someone who loves bees as much as Roland does! If you want to find out more about Debbie and her work, here’s the link:




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